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Welcome to Lifestyle Bizz Opp - Small Business Opportunities and Sales

You probable know someone who has taken the plunge into a small, home or franchise business opportunity. Buying or establishing a small business or opportunity and becoming self employed for maybe the first time with little or no business experience. Then finding that they are working 10 to 12 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week and not getting the lifestyle or income rewards they had imagined.

We specialise in small business industry with home based business opportunity or franchise businesses that have high potential to develop your own career as a business entrepreneur and as many are global businesses giving you opportunity to produce a substantial income while working smarter with less effort thus; creating a better lifestyle for you and your family.

Bizz Link offers a select quality range of lifestyle business opportunities or businesses for sale in the Franchise, Traditional small business, and Home based business industries which includes great opportunity in the Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Marketing sectors. The business opportunities listed have been selected for there high income potential, ease of acheiving success, small capital outlay, and for their potential to create business career and lifestyle for the entrepreneurial minded person.

Our critera for an business opportunity is that it is a proven business model that offers:

  1. Lifestyle opportunity
  2. High income potential
  3. Require minimum financial outlay
  4. Potential to produce income quickly
  5. Ability to leverage income
  6. High returns on investment
  7. Control over income
  8. Pay as you go investment
  9. Low or no inventory
  10. Short learning curve
  11. No or minimal accounts receivable
  12. Low business overheads
  13. High profit margins
  1. Quality product range and demand
  2. Business idea with substance
  3. Minimum skill requirements
  4. Comprehensive training provided
  5. Short learning curve
  6. Quality automated systems
  7. Easy systems to follow
  8. Low risk - investmet risk ratio
  9. Ability to model other's success
  10. Ability to create a career in business
  11. Ability to be yourself
  12. Ability to work at own pace
  13. Can be mobile or home business

This Month's Featured Business - Incredible Automated Business System

With the Right Business Opportunity, Timing and Systems, You can earn MORE INCOME, Enjoy MORE TIME and known that your Future is SECURE.

A truly great, fully automated business system, together with one of the best, if not the best direct marketing companies in the industry that; can produce you an extraordinary income.

This system and the company have no rivals; it is that I have ever experience and if you have investigated as many direct marketing companies as I have, I think you would agree.

The company and associates have an exceptional training and mentoring program that; can make anyone successful.

Why is the training and mentoring any better tahn other companies? Because of the companies unique compensation plan; the more you succeed, the more I succeed and the more your down-line succeed, the more you and I succeed. Therefore it benefits me to teach and mentor you for no just my success but yours too.

How Good is That!!!!

The compensation plan truly creates team building and rewards your efforts.

  1. Start today and have your business going in less than 24 hours.
  2. A company with a great mission.
  3. A compensation plan that inspires team development and rewards your efforts.
  4. Generate profits of $100 to $2,000 over and over again.
  5. The best training & mentoring in the industry!
  6. Products that make sense and are in high demand.
  7. An automated system that will give you real results faster and easier!
  8. The easiest and best business opportunity to produce a income quickly!
Isn't it time you profit from a $10 Billion a year industry

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Stimulating Podcasts from some of the best motivational speakers in the world, on subjects that help to develop business ideas and skills to improve your career as a small business owner and achieve your personal goals and income aspirations.

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Recommended books and audio-books by authors whose publication have assisted many career entrepreneurial minded people, who have then been able to realise their goals when opportunity shown up in their lives.

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